What difference would it make for you to have a guide to help you to anticipate what to expect while going through a divorce or separation?

  • Feeling fearful of the unpredictable future for you and your children?
  • Overwhelmed with trying to manage everything on your own?
  • Emotional roller coaster taking you for a ride throughout the day and keeping you up at night?
  • Tired of getting caught up in those endless cycles that drain your energy and make you feel hopeless?

Divorce Intact and The 3 Common Mistakes

Divorce Intact supports women with young children in finding grace and ease while transitioning out of living situations and relationships with their partners.

Find out what the 3 most common mistakes made by mothers going through a divorce are…. Watch the video below to see if you could be making one or more of them.

Learn about the 4 Stages of going through divorce with children and how you can get more clarity and confidence, right now!



Going through a divorce or separation is one of the most difficult transitions anyone can experience. When young children are involved, the stakes are even higher because it’s not just about you. It’s about securing a healthy happy future for your children and having them feel supported and loved along the way. You want to show up as your best and that’s difficult to do when there are SO many things changing so quickly with such overwhelming and immediate impact.

I wish I would’ve had some heads up on what to expect 9 years ago when I moved out of my home with my kids and their dad. Before we split up, finances were handled and I had a beautiful home in a ideal neighborhood. But I realized the relationship I was in was unhealthy for me and not a positive example for our kids. I came to the conclusion that if I were going to be the person I wanted to be in my life, being with their dad was not conducive to that vision.

I developed the 4 Stages to organize the process I went through from that point on. I’ve held myself accountable for my dreams and happiness while being dedicated to giving my children positive experiences to grow them in extraordinary ways. I’ve taken many stumbles, fallen into potholes and have been distracted and sidetracked. Things have gotten extremely messy along the way. It has taken me years to get clear about what happened in the fall out of the relationship, and then to consider what to do next.

In the 4 Stages I streamline all the details. I have applied the tools and systems I learned from my training as a coach plus what I learned going through the experience myself to create a comprehensive program to fit your needs and to make it easy to access this support. It has been so inspiring to put this all together making it easier for you and where you are right now!

Start by watching the video above, then take the questionnaire to find out what Stage you’re currently in.

Wishing you ease and grace through your Graceful Divorce,

Bernadine Rosso